Sometimes I think we over complicate prayer. Prayer is just having a heart to heart with a friend. That is, your heart communicating with God’s heart. For me, the easiest way to express what’s on my heart is through music. So when I am praying in intercession, often I begin by singing.

One afternoon a few years back I was listening to worship music and praying for my church. My heart was so full I had to stop the music so I could sing what was on my heart. In this prayer, I used the melody and a couple of the phrases from the original song to help get what was in my heart out into a prayer. (The song I’m referencing is “Healing rain/Let it rain” by Michael W. Smith, from the album “A New Hallelujah”)


Other times I just start singing when I’m alone, without using a previously existing melody. I just sing what’s on my heart and go with it. In this example, as I went along the prayer song almost became a conversation. I would confess something, God would bring to mind a scripture or a truth learned from scripture. So I added what The Holy Spirit was bringing up to the song. This lead to an objection from me, which lead to the Holy Spirit bringing something else to mind. This kept on going until I had said my peace and found my answer to the unrest that started the prayer in the first place.


Sometimes I feel besieged with lies from the enemy, and I feel nearly overcome by them. At these times, I use my prayer-songs to fight back. In my final example, I claim God as King on the throne of my heart. I state God’s position in my life. I name some of the loudest lies and kick them out of power in my heart and out of a position of influence. Again, I just started singing truth over myself with no real direction other than seeking to meet with my God heart to heart.


-Etta Woods