A month or so back I wrote a post about the tech guys who put church content out on the internet. Now more than ever that internet content, and live streams, and the like are so important. Many pastors are taking their church’s content a step further and putting out daily devotionals as podcasts or on YouTube,  or live videos on Instagram. Little nuggets of scripture, or an encouraging word to remind us who Jesus is and who we are in Jesus.

The work of these pastors and their tech teams, the extra work for the extra content, these are lifelines.

By the end of last week I was drowning under the emotional strain of managing my stress as well as the stress of my children. They need me to be present now more than ever. The housework has doubled, the kitchen work has tripled, we’re back to homeschooling, and my husband’s work has more than doubled making all that extra online content for our church. So I’m just trying to manage it all, and I wasn’t doing very well by Friday.

I decided to put as much Jesus into myself as possible, while still trying to manage. For me this is anything audio that I can listen to while doing all my other mom-things. Bible in One Year (Thank you HTB!) is standard. I read/listen to that bible app every day. But I caught up on the Lectio 365 app, just soaking in the prayer time. I found daily devotionals from two different churches I follow off and on up on podcast and YouTube. I listened to a live video from another pastor on Instagram while I made dinner. I finished out the night with a bible study shared by another group of church leaders.

By the end of the day my inner moorings were reinforced. My spirits were lifted. My eyes were on Jesus and not the waves. I didn’t feel like everything was fixed, and the next day was still hard, but I wasn’t drowning anymore.

Today I read several posts and articles about parenting during the pandemic. It was bleak, and I could sympathize with all of it. But I also realized that I am doing better than I thought I was doing. Somehow all the lies about failure and personal scarcity were unmasked. I could feel the firm foundation of Jesus beneath me and my emotions.

I’m so thankful for that footing, and I’m so thankful for all the pastors out there throwing out all these life-preservers into the storm. I’m so grateful for the tech teams, and all the platforms in place that get these life-preservers out to us online. I know how much work goes into every one of these lifelines, because I’m watching my husband participate in the effort.

So for any tech person reading this, for any pastor or worship pastor, going above and beyond to get these life-preservers out, thank you. Your work matters. It’s making a difference. May the Lord bless you tenfold for every ounce of strength you have put into these live streams, videos, and podcasts.

Thank you.

-Etta Woods

1 thought on “Life-preserver”

  1. So, so true, Etta…much gratitude for all the resources out there that are sustaining all of us…connecting us to one another by technology and the Holy Spirit. Love you.

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